Milano Fresh

DIC – in cooperation with Milano Fresh – imports exclusively vegetables and fruit coming from different region of Italy, depending on season, tradition and quality. Our produces can reach the customers (, supermarket chains, wholesale specialists) straight from the fields without unnecessary passages through intermediaries, thanks to a very skilled and detailed logistics.

We import into Qatar fruit and vegetables coming from some 40 different growers, spread all over Italy. Our criteria of selection of the growers are:

  1. seriousness and trustworthiness of the farm owners;
  2. healthiness of produce including also fully organic farming;
  3. full traceability of the product;
  4. full compliance with all Italian and EU laws in the branch regarding labeling and declaration.

All our farmers are either GLOBALGAP certified (minimum standard for non-organic growers, that is growers who apply methods of integrated cultivation) or BIO-certified (by different Italian and international certification bodies). 

mappa milano fresh


We import only fresh produces, that are different with the different seasons. Autumn is the best time, in Italy, for KIWI FRUIT (since September) from nearby Rome, APPLES (since October: Gala, Granny and Golden) from Northern Italy and ORANGES (since November) from Sicily. 
Our fruit is the best of the best as caliber and colour and taste: a true Italian excellence! Moreover, all our growers make sure they do not make use of any OGM and allergenes.