At the end of the ’30s Giusto Ciamei founded in Rome a company involved in the coffee roasting business. Today the company is held by Giusto’s grandson, Francesco.

Ciamei employs master coffee roasters who are constantly searching for the best coffee blend to create the distinctive characteristics needed to give coffee the taste and aroma to satisfy the most demanding palettes, using traditional coffee grinding methods (high calorie-long roasting).

Gold Blend

Ciamei Gold blend represents the highest declination of the Italian espresso tradition. Beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, India and Vietnam compose this authentic gourmet product, which is particularly adequate for those exigent customers willing to experience a top selection product.

The mild acidity given by the predominance of Arabica beans is skillfully smoothened with the intense and chocolaty taste of the Robusta origins. The resulting product ends to have a delicate flavor and a floral aroma, exalted with a slow roasting technique, specifically adopted for determined origins.

Ciamei Coffee

The taste excellence is completed by the visual impact of the roasted beans, rigorously 17-18 riddle-selected as in all our blends.

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